Guinn Healthcare Technologies, LLC

Guinn Healthcare Technologies, LLC

The Mission:

Guinn Healthcare Technologies, LLC is dedicated to helping the people we serve have a better life.

The Corporation:

Guinn Healthcare Technologies, LLC is a private corporation focused on delivering technologically informed behavioral healthcare, training, consultation and social services.

Who We Serve:

We serve a broad array of clients, but focus in particular on delivering services to individuals who may also be involved with public agencies or public support systems. Many of the clients we serve may have chronic conditions such as mental illness, substance abuse and other health problems. In addition, many have challenging life circumstances such as being homeless, involved with the criminal justice system, affected by a disaster, or unemployed. Guinn Healthcare Technologies, LLC is well qualified to provide evidence based practices and supports suitable for individuals with multiple needs. Some of our services are delivered through “public-private partnerships”. We also offer customized plans of comprehensive service to individuals and families on a “private pay” basis.

The business also has a second focus. We use the business as a “proving ground” and incubator for innovative approaches to delivering behavioral health care. We export some of our innovations to other providers and agencies through consulting, training, and providing technology involved patient and staff supports.

Tony Guinn, MS, LPC

President, Guinn Healthcare Technologies, LLC

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