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For your information: A few key on-line benefit screeners and on-line application resources are listed below.

This list is provided for your convenience, and does not represent a comprehensive listing nor endorsement or promotion by GHT, LLC. Please review each web site's privacy and use policy for further information.

Download this list in a printable document with active links: On-Line Benefit Screeners View brief presentation notes about on-line benefit screeners: Why Use On-Line Benefit Screeners?

Screen for eligibility for a variety of Texas benefits and partially complete applications:

National Council on Ageing benefit screener (not just limited to benefits for aging)
BenefitsCheckUp - NCOA's Online Screening Service

Screen for Federal benefits - Your Benefits Connection
Screen for Social Security Benefits
Social Security Online - Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST)
Search for low income housing - Texas
Vacancy Clearinghouse Property Search ( Texas)
Subsidized Apartment Search (HUD - Texas)
Screen for and/or apply for assistance with medication costs
Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Additional Resource:
This site does not screen for benefits, but has great information about illnesses, conditions and medications; has some screeners for conditions such as depression, anxiety, etc.:
MedlinePlus (US National Library of Medicine/NIH)

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