Explore the opportunity to access low/no cost counseling services through our Counselor Learning Lab.
Find Benefits with Screening Tools
Why use on-line benefit tools? Because the on-line questionnaires always ask the "right" questions to determine eligibility for assistance. Going through the questionnaires also helps educate you about resources, and empowers you to address your own needs. Family members or others can easily help a loved one search for resources to help meet their needs as well.
Check out the list; start screening!
Counseling Learning Lab
Check out our new Counseling Learning Lab for low or no cost mental health counseling. Download a program flyer here.
Career Change Management
GHT offers Career Change Management to persons considering a new career. Call for information regarding how to receive a personal career planning session, vocational interest inventory and assessment and other career oriented services.
Download our Visual Guide to Career Resources!
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Counseling can be an effective treatment for mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. While many people take medications as the only treatment for mental health disorders, counseling can add significant additional benefits to treatment.